What is the presenting case?

Judi Presented to the clinic with Right lateral hip pain. It had been intermittent for the last two weeks.
She was having trouble participating in her local gym exercise classes as the pain would be limiting her. She was also getting pain with sleeping on her right side and getting in and out of the car.
Judi was going to the gym 4x week and walking 5km twice a week.
She was in training and preparing for the Three Capes Track in Tasmania.
However, her hip pain restricting her training ability

Clinical findings

  • Altered gait pattern caused by pain and altered biomechanics
  • Painful squat and lunge due to muscle tightness and weakness around the hip
  • Hip trendelenburg with single leg squat due to weak glut muscles
  • Swollen and tender to palpate hip bursa
  • Restricted hip range of motion from muscle tightness

Clinical Diagnosis

  • Hip Bursitis

What is the end Goal?

Complete the Three Capes Track in Tasmania


Comprehensive intervention entailing the following

  • Soft tissue therapy including massage, acupuncture, stretching: TFL, Glut and quad
  • Home: foam rolling and stretching through: quad, TFL and glut
  • Gym: targeted exercises to improve the strength of the identified weak muscles
  • Education: positions to avoid and management of hip bursa’s
  • Medical intervention: Referred to GP for opinion of cortisone injection and oral anti-inflammatory medication.


  • Judy was able to complete the Three Capes Track in Tasmania covering 46 cliff hugging kilometers in 4 days

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